10+ Awesome Square Meter Attic Studio Apartment

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Redecorating the attic studio apartment is an important thing to do. Yes, this project will help you enjoy your room inside the apartment. With a nice attic decor concept, I am sure that your private room will look more beautiful and comfortable to stay.
On another hand, the appropriate attic studio apartment decoration also will be useful to help you have a neat room arrangement. As we know, the most apartment has limited space, so arranging the properties with a nice arrangement is a must.

Then, what to do to decorate the attic studio apartment?

Assessing the space becomes the first matter to be done. It is the way that you could arrange the decoration planning. Of course, by knowing about the detailed size of the attic, the theme of the attic decoration could be found, especially while in fact, the attic is smaller than space.

The second matter to do in decorating the attic is embracing the romance. It is a good idea, especially when you want to redecorate the room of kids. The simplest idea to embrace the romance sense in this decor concept is applying the white paneled walls lighting.

It is also good when you maximize the space below the attic to build a multi-function rack. Yes, you could place some boards there and viola you will have new racks to arrange some books and accessories. This idea is also useful to build a simple working space or study space.

Well, to deal with those ideas, of course, you cannot forget about the coloring matter. This room decor idea will be special with the bright as the basic color. It is nice when you apply a color such as white. We have several samples of this decor idea that you may find on this page. Hopefully, it will be useful for you all.

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