10+ Awesome Square Meter Attic Studio Apartment

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This open floor plan flat has a nice, airy setting. White painted walls, wooden floors, and modernistic simplistic furnishings provides this living space an avant-garde look using a 60s allure. The furnishings are light, simple, nevertheless unique. A round table and chairs sit in that the center of this room. Large windows allow in natural mild, even though a easy storage dining table, foliage, and exposed wooden beams add the perfect contrast to this very simple d├ęcor.

This flat is quite much in lineup with Feng-Shui principles. The surroundings is well balanced. Movement is not disrupted because of furnishings or other things, and the design is open and amiable.

The space is used sensibly also. As an instance, the primary room stocks the kitchen and living room region. Accent pieces such as a shag pile carpet, fiberglass table, and shellacked storage space adds just the ideal amount of glimmer maintaining the space wide and inviting.

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