14+ Lovely Cliff Top Home on Serifos Island

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Serifos Island is an area that offers a very beautiful view. This island has a serene feeling by its blue ocean. Everyone who wants to feel the true calmness could stay on the border of the island and enjoy the air.

Well, the beauty of Serifos Island becomes the theme of room decoration. This idea of decoration can be the favorite option, especially for those who want to get a new look at their home with a higher comfortable feeling. Of course, through this kind of room decor, I am sure that you will be happier when you are staying there.

This decor idea in common is adapted for the cliff-home top. However, these are some matters to be done when you want to redecorate your room –or even apartment, with this decor style.

Contrasting becomes the main matter here. Here, you need to make a combination of different colors for the flooring and wall decorating. The dark floor is the best color for the floor. Here, to build a dark color for the flooring project, applying the right color of ceramic is a key.

Then, when the floor is dark, the wall should be bright. Remember the contrast theory. Here, for coloring the wall, you may apply bright blue for the whole covering. Since Serifos Island is awesome with the blue ocean, this color of the wall will remind you of the situation.

The cliff-home will look more special with the right properties. Wooden properties are more recommended here since it is providing a sense of nature. Of course, the combination of the properties with the coloring factor as above will give you more calmness when you are staying there.

On this page, we have several samples of decorating the cliff home using Serifos Island style. Scroll down the page and find your inspiration there. Start your decoration project with pride!

image source: pinterest.com

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