15+ Creative Ideas For Designing a Photo Wall

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Some of you might have a lot of photo that you only store somewhere without having the chance to be displayed. This is time for you to design a photo wall so you can display all of the pictures that you take before.

That way, you can use the photo as a decoration item that will make the room appear more interesting. Having pictures as decoration is advantageous since it will add more personality to your room.

Surely showing some of the photo will give you nice memory and make everyone that sees them feel warm. This is the best thing that makes people love to use photos as part of their decoration.

There are various ways that you can do to display the pictures. One of them is to put them in a frame then hung them directly on the wall. You can create arrangement to make the picture frames appear more beautiful. For example, by combining a few other wall decorations around the frame to balance the appearance.

But if you do not want to directly put the picture on the wall, you can actually put them on a wall shelf. Especially when you have large wall shelf so you can also put other decorating items around the pictures to balance the look.

If you want, you can put the picture sparsely so it does not feel as if you are overcrowded the wall shelf with only pictures. Then you can even use the shelf to organize other things such as book, magazines, photo albums and many others.

When designing photo wall, make sure that it all have nice balance. You can use different picture frames with different sizes, use one with similar or the same style. That way, the photo wall can well blend to create one unite decoration on the wall. To give you some example, try to see our collection with some creative ideas to follow.

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