20+ Classy Minimalist Hippie

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If you want to create beautiful and elegant garden, then try to add some fern to the list of plants in the area. This plant is classy and can act as beautiful ornament in your garden which created using minimalist theme.

This plant has very beautiful foliage that is so detailed which make it suitable if you want to create Hippie themed garden. The detail in this plant with unfurling fronds will surely add beautiful addition to your garden.

Not to mention that they really suitable to be used on any type of garden no matter if it is minimalist or Hippie themed. This plant can work as an artwork in your garden which surely can be the focal point of the garden.

Furthermore, they can still life in shady or moist environment, thus you can still use them in your backyard. This plant also very easy to blend with the other plants due to their natural green color.

However, since the fern itself has beautiful shape and detail, even though you put them in the middle of the garden. They will still able to attract people’s attention because of their beauty and detail that is different from other leafy plants.

Try to put some of them all around your garden to give similarity and connection throughout the garden. Of course, there are different types of ferns that you can use throughout the garden so you do not need to worry having to put the same thing all around.

In fact, having multiple type of this fern will really give deeper in your garden as this plant will give new layer on the layout. Even in minimalist or Hippie themed garden, it will become nice addition that will surely make the layout become more interesting. This item can appear as if it is a sculpture with various and different shade color addition to the garden area.

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