20+ Exciting Chic Living Room Designs to Inspire

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Enjoying the spare time in a wonderful living room is always interesting, especially when you are welcoming friends. With the great living room, making conversation is enjoyable and I am sure that your friends will be happy to stay at your home. If you are planning to decorate or build your living room, these are some ideas that maybe you need to consider.

The living room will give more sunlight when you apply a big window there. When it is possible, you may put two or more big windows in your living room. This concept is very nice to make sure that the living room is enough with sunlight. Then, the big windows could be useful to see the beautiful outdoor view.

The next thing to make your living room stunning is by considering the wall treatment. Since the wall is the large space beside the floor inside the living room, it also has a big influence on the decor result. Substantively, those are many wall treatment ideas to be considered. However, to maximize the natural sense of decorating the living room, arranging some stones to cover the wall can be a great concept.

As we know, today, those are many decorative stones that could be applied to redecorate the look of the living room. Well, choose the most appropriate stones and start your decoration. When it is needed, you may add a fireplace for the wall treatment.

You can decorate the living room by choosing the right sofa. It could be said that the sofa is one of the most important properties to be applied inside the living room decor. Although these are many sofas with different detail to be considered, you need to compare the size of sofas and the space inside the living room to get the best option.

To make a chic living room decor, you may add a small coffee table there. It could decorate the room and it will be useful to enjoy a cup of coffee with friends.

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