22+ Amazing Modern Living Room Decor Ideas

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24 of 24

Experimentation and creativity are the root for the amazing modern living room. It is because the modern living room has broken the rule of the traditional design that always brings something old-fashioned things back to the modern era. It is not deniable that most people living in the 20th century era are madly like to design the room become more neutral, simple and cleaner. This is the characteristic of the modern living room decor ideas that now have gained its popularity.

If you are now finding the inspiration for designing the modern living room, there are best recommendations for you to consider. To note down, these modern living room design is the combination of the modern Scandinavian, modern Bohemian, modern traditional and organic modern. Such combination will be the best design for your modern living room.

Intimidating the modern living room with the colorful furniture is not best idea when your wall is not painted sparking white. What you need to do is to play with the simplicity of the color and design so that it will not make your living room feels cramped.

The large windows expanding from the floor to ceiling is always thought to be the traditional accent. But, this can be changed into the organic modern when you leave the windows undressed so that it will allow the more sun rays get into the room easily for the sake of natural lighting.

The modern living room should not be left plain with only some photographs. In this case, you are suggested to add some three-dimensional abstract artworks that will look the decoration more exciting.

When some people think that the modern living room always deals with the luxury, it is not big mistake to bring back the traditional materials such as the wood remains exposed. This is commonly found in the fireplace mantel, windows and the ceiling. Do not forget to add the greenery in your modern living room because it will be the best idea to transform your living room refreshing and relaxing.

image source : pinterest.com