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About the kitchen decoration, managing space is the key to applying the decoration concept. Yes, space management will influence the result of the decoration. Besides, it also will influence the comfortable sense when you are staying there for making your special menu. Of course, you should learn about space management to maximize the result of the kitchen decoration.

Maximizing the corner can be the first matter that you do in decorating the kitchen. It is the best strategy to manage the space inside the kitchen, especially when you have limited space there. For example, when you have L kitchen space, applying the same-style kitchen set is a good idea.

By placing the kitchen countertop in the same line with the kitchen wall-space, you will save many spaces in the middle. It means, there will be more space for increasing the mobilities inside the room, especially when you are cooking.

The next matter to renew the look of the kitchen decor by the classy stylish is exploring the upper space. It is a good idea that you may apply. The upper space can be the new space to place some accessories or kitchen stuff. You may put some boards there and make it as a wall-mounted rack. Of course, researching to get the unique style of the wall-mounted rack is needed to do.

Your kitchen style will be more interesting with the big table in its middle. Since you place the kitchen countertop in line with the wall, placing the big table could be the turning point for kitchen decor.

Also, thinking about the ceiling is important to maximize the kitchen decor. When your kitchen is not too large, try to increase the height of the ceiling. This idea will be useful to provide much fresh air inside the room.

Here, we have several samples of the kitchen decor with this decor idea. See the sample and get the inspiration to renew your kitchen.

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