25+ Best and Easy DIY of Painted Rock Ideas

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Painting can be done in various media not just paper or canvas that people usually done. One of the unique medias that you can do to paint is rock since you can create painted rock that has similar beauty to other type of painting.

In fact, this type of painting is very unique since it uses rock as the media. As you know, rock itself has very unique shape which then add the beauty to the painting that you put on the surface of the rock.

Furthermore, the surface of the rock is often not flat, which makes them even unique as you can make use of the raw surface to make the painting appear even prettier. This is advantage that you cannot get when you paint on other type of media.

Do not worry as painting in this media is actually quite easy, thus you can use this as DIY project to be done on the weekend. Do not think about it too much as you can draw anything for your project as long as you love them.

There are plenty easy things that you can create using simple drawing and paint which will appear pretty once done. Try to use colorful paint which will give more perspective on the rock which usually dark in color.

Be very careful with scaling since the surface of the rock might not big enough for you to create big painting. Instead choose small size design that can be done easily even when you paint on small rock.

This rock painting will really help you to relax and enjoy painting without really have to do something big as when you are painting in a canvas. Furthermore, there is no limitation on the things that you can draw. As you can draw anything on the rock, just do your best to follow these as inspiration.

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