30+ Awesome An insight to Sarah and Matt’s Stylish Home

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Following the personal idea of decorating the home –especially the interior, is very helpful. Yes, in this way, you just need to copy the idea of home decoration. Of course, by duplicating the idea, you will have a new inspiration to change the view of your home. Then, you also could finish the decoration project in easier ways.

One of the interesting home decor ideas to consider is Sarah and Matt’s decor concept. Yes, their room decor concept is quite simple but the result is quite awesome. For those who are looking for a simple room decor idea, I think this idea is very interesting.
Then, how to apply Sarah and Matt’s home decor?

You may start to see the color scheme of the decoration concept. Sarah and Matt’s home decor uses the gradation effect in coloring the room. They use white to color the ceiling, brown or cream to color the white, and apply the dark-brown for the color of the floor. It is simple to do but the effect is very big to beautify the room.

On another hand, Sarah and Matt’s home decor is excellent with the flooring idea. To get the natural sense, they apply the wooden flooring. There will be more calmness inside the room by using the wooden material for the flooring project. On another hand, the pattern of the wooden flooring is excellent to add the artistic sense.

The next thing to be viewed in Sarah and Matt’s home decor is the way in choosing properties. We may see that Sarah and Matt’s idea applies simple properties. They use L sofa style with compact size and add the feather carpet on the floor. The use of simple properties will be useful since it saves some spaces inside the room.

We have several samples of decorating home using Sarah and Matt’s style. You may scroll the sample and get the new inspiration to renew the look of your home.

image source: pinterest.com

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