30+ Creative The Most Fancy Hanger Ideas For Your Jewelry Storage

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Most of us surely have a lot of jewelry since we need a lot of things to mix and match them with daily look that we use. With that said, sometimes it is hard to find the pieces that you want to wear today.

This is why, it is important for you to organize your jewelry and store it in a place which make it easier for you to find the things that you want to wear. You can make use armories or hanger to store various thins from earing, bracelet, necklace and many others.

The best thing about using hanger besides you can use them to organize your jewelry, but actually the hanger itself is a good decoration pieces that you can use to décor the room. Furthermore, the jewelry that hung on the hanger will also work as a decorating item on your room.

This is why, people love to use this type of storage in their room. You can hang the hanger on the wall, and just put them inside your closet or you can nail them on the bedroom door. anything works with this type of storage as you can make use any space available.

Do not forget that you need to choose hanger design that appear fancy so it can make the room appear fancy. Especially when you want to use them to store the fancy jewelry that you own. Surely you want the hanger to match well with the pieces that you hang on them.

Choose hanger theme that suit the place where you want to hung them later on. Make sure it blends well with the surrounding so it will not appear awkward and able to make the surrounding appear more beautiful. Here are some jewelry storages with fancy hanger design that you can use to store items. You can DIY some of them if you have time.

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