30 Creative Ways to Repurpose Old Drawers

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Repurpose Old Drawers

If you have old drawers, do not throw them right away since you might want to repurpose old drawers. That way, you can still use the drawer but with more useful function that you might not even think before.

Drawers comes in various sizes which can be an advantage since there are various things that you can create using it as the material. By utilizing the drawers then you would not just leave them in the attic to collect some dust.

Instead, you can repurpose it into something that is more useful which can be a nice DIY project that you can do with your family. Drawers already have unique shape, so it is very easy to use it as you can maintain the original shape.

Of course, if you want to only use it as material and change the shape altogether it is also alright. Just make sure you have the right skill to change the shape, else it is alright to just use them as it is.

Do not forget to think about the theme of the item that you want to create using the drawer. As you can repurpose old drawers to be any item, you need to match the appearance with the theme that you decide.

For example, if you want to use rustic theme, then it is alright to not repaint the drawers as old items usually already have the rustic appearance that you want. But if you want to repaint them, then choose suitable color then seal the paint to make sure they stay good longer.

There are various items that you can try to create for example mirror, where you can put the mirror in the center of the drawer. Or you can also put them outdoor as beautiful planters in the yard.

No matter what you will create, old drawers can be repurpose beautifully into different items for decoration around your house. Here are some inspiration to follow.

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