30+ Stunning Ways to Decorate Outdoor Space with Wooden Tiles Ideas

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29 of 29

If you want your outdoor space appear warmer and can blend well with the surrounding, then you might want to use wooden tiles. These tiles are created to have wooden appearance which will surely add more beauty to your outdoor decoration.

Even though you want to use wooden tiles, but you still need to think about the material. Since there are tiles that comes with real woods and some that comes with faux wood appearance. Both has advantages and disadvantages so you need to be very careful. But if you decide to use real woods, then make sure that the tiles already been sealed to protect the wooden material so it can stay longer.

Then comes to the style, as wood even have different style that you can choose from. For some the color will also different which may affect the mood of the outdoor space. That is why, you need to choose color that suitable for your liking.

Try to match the color with the surrounding area. And if they are close with your interior, you can also try to choose color that can complement the indoor appearance. Of course, they can be in different contrast as they both lies in different space.

Do not forget that when you use wooden tiles, you might even able to create beautiful pattern using the tiles. If that is what you want, then you need to carefully design the pattern before putting the tiles on the surface. This pattern can really make the outdoor space more unique and interesting.

Do not forget to maintain the tiles even in outdoor space especially when the weather changes. If you use real wood tiles then you might need to do more maintenance compared to when using faux wood tiles. If you need more inspiration, here are some wooden tiles designs that you can use to decorate outdoor space and make it stunning.

image source: pinterest.com