35 Best First Apartment Small Kitchen and Bar Design and Decor Ideas

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34 of 35

Living in apartment is always associated with all the small room which is considered to be the cramped one. This happens to those who do not have the least awareness to arrange the stuffs in good order. In the other hand, many people are struggling to redesign the small kitchen in attempt to get larger than before while the rest of people are thankful for having the small kitchen because they are not necessarily confused to deal with home decor.

Having small kitchen is not the major barrier for you who want to serve the delicious meals for your family. With limited number of the kitchen households, you will easily store them more organized and beautiful. While the major problems of the small kitchen deals with the dark room, clutter and absence of the counter top, here are best recommendations to deal with those problem so that you will be more comfortable to do all activities in the kitchen.

The small kitchen sometimes lack of the island table where many activities such as cutting, mixing or anything are done. It might be challenging enough to cook with no island table. Do not worry, because there will be great idea to change the role of the vacant space next to the sink with the wood so that you are still able to cut many things easily.

Dark kitchen becomes the major challenge to deal with when you have small kitchen. This is the reason why your kitchen looks less spacious. To overcome this problem, you are suggested to brighten up the kitchen with proper lighting so that it gives such a comfort during the cooking time.

Apart from it, what you need to do with the small kitchen in your apartment is adding the pot racks where you can store many kitchen appliances. Besides, you can also take the advantages of the wall where you add the racks to store many things. As you consider about it, you will be no longer confused about your small kitchen.

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