36+ Good Scandi Decor Inspiration

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The Scandinavian decor is associated with the aesthetic with the whole white walls and the stripped black floors. Such simplicity also reflects to the use of minimum natural light by designing the home with the white accents. Characterized by the functionality, minimalism and simplicity, the Scandinavian decor inspiration gains its fame since 1950s and it is still going on as the current trends develop. As you consider about this home decor, you are suggested to bring up many natural abstraction, elements and shapes.

If you are interested to choose the Scandinavian decor inspiration as part of your home decor, it is said that you are supposed to think about many elements such as hemp, woods and leather which are thought to be major elements in Scandinavian decor. To deal with it, here are the best decor inspirations for you to consider as you eagerly want to have Scandinavian home decor.

Warm textiles are the best ideas for you who want to bring up the warmth. It is because of the weather is terribly cold so the warm textile can be presented in the form of carpets made of the soft wool. This decor inspiration later can produce the cozy, warm and peaceful during the winter season.

For the sake of simplicity in Scandinavian home decor, what you have got to do is to decorate the home as simple as possible. As recommendation, the decor inspiration suggests you to choose the elegant ceramic vase. For your couches, add some throw pillows with the less decorative accents.

Do combine the metal and wood as the part of the decor inspiration which are applicable to the tables, chairs and many home accessories. Such a recent trend in Scandinavian decor will make the home design become more simple and luxurious. This can be achieved by taking the advantages of the brass pendants installed in the wooden ceiling.

To add the natural feeling, the Scandinavian decor inspiration also recommends the homeowner to place some indoor plants in some corners. Do not forget to take the advantages of the vase with the Lilly because it enhances the atmosphere of the Scandinavian decoration. This also can be combined with the grey, white and other plain colors for the sake of perfection.

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