37+ Marvelous Master Bathroom Ideas

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Having a comfortable bathroom could be a plus to get yourself relaxed after you face a hectic day of work. You can enjoy bathing in your bathroom and release your stress after the hard-work day. Try one of the master bathroom ideas we offer you in this article.

Talking about bathroom design cannot be separated from the items you need to serve the stunning bathroom. They include the bathtub, the shower, sink, and the toilet bowl. You can think of the separation of the water closet where you can pee and poop away from the bathtub and shower.

It could happen when you have quite a big master bathroom. Separate them by using the living bamboo wall to look oriental and fresh. You can place them in the pots or plant them on the floor of the bathroom and cover the ground using the stones.

Then, you can use the natural stone tile to be applied for the floor. Paint the wall in a similar color to the floor so that it could look marvelous. Choose the unique bathtub that reflects the oriental taste of you. Display the Yin and Yang picture on the wall to make it more stunning.

Another idea of bathroom design is the farmhouse design. This classic design of the bathroom delivers your humble side to humans. You can use the barn door as the entrance of your bathroom. Then, place the woven rattan basket as the container for your dirty clothes.

The shower could be the industrial look with a big size of the showerhead. Combine it with the bronze water tap on the sink to make your master bathroom like in a farmhouse. The big mirror on the wall with the cow picture frame would be perfect for sending the farm atmosphere in your bathroom. The backsplash made of stone will be good with the unfurnished oak wood island to place the sink.

image source : pinterest.com