40+ Lovely and Smart DIY Apartment Bathroom Wall Shelves Ideas

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Decorating your bathroom in a neat and well-decorated can be the smartest way to make it looks cleaner and wider at once. To achieve this matter, you need what called as bathroom wall shelves ideas. There are so many kinds of bathroom shelves that are available in the nearby markets nowadays. However, if you can do it yourself simply using creative ideas, why should you buy the new ones in the market, right? Creative bathroom wall shelves idea can be done by yourself simply and even affordably.

There are various unused materials that you can use to make apartment bathroom shelves that you can make it yourself. For instance, if you have a certain number of wooden palettes in the basement, you can take some of them, clean them up, wrap using anti-water bathroom wallpaper, and stick them on the bathroom wall. You have new bathroom shelves on the wall, now. To do the project is pretty simple that will not even trouble you. Besides the wooden palette, there are also various selections of unused materials you can choose to do the project. Antique baskets are another solution to create bathroom shelves instantly.

Any unused industrial pipes that you have in the basement are also another great material to do the project of bathroom wall shelves ideas. Besides, an unused wooden staircase even can be the main material to do bathroom wall shelves idea by yourself. Cut it into a certain height that you want, stand it on the bathroom wall to the floor, and you can put any bathroom appliances on each staircase step. You can re-painted the unused staircase before making it as bathroom shelves you do yourself.

Moreover, we also have provided marvelous apartment bathroom shelve ideas that you can do it yourself as follows. Scroll down the page a little bit, then you can see how creative ideas available there for your recommendations and references. Check them out now, then!

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