40+ Stunning and Inspiring Window Nooks For Reading

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If you have awkward part in your house, which you do not know what to do, then you might want to create a reading nook. Especially when it is located near the window which will surely make the reading nook appear more beautiful with the sunlight that coming in from the window.

If the space is big enough, this window nook is not only good for reading but also for napping. Especially since you can enjoy the breeze that coming from the window which make napping in this area become better.

But if the space is too small to put a day bed inside, do not worry as you can still use a reading chair which make you comfortable when using the nook. Of course, since it is a reading place, do not forget to arrange some place where you can put the books around the window nook.

The book can be used as decoration for the nook, so just put a few of your favorite book around the space to decorate it. You can also put other items besides the books as decorating items that will make everything appear prettier.

To make the window nook become more comfortable, try to use several cushions that will make everything appear fluffy. Of course, do not put too much since you still want to be able to use the nook comfortably.

Choose a color scheme that you love and use them as guide when designing the reading nook. Do not worry as you can still use dark theme since the window will make the atmosphere brighter.

If you still have some space left on the floor, you can also add a rug which will add the cozy atmosphere to the room. Here are some window nook inspirations that appear stunning which can be used for reading, napping, or many other purposes. You can use these to decorate your own nook.

image source: pinterest.com