40+ Unbelievable Rustic fireplace Designs Ever

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When the winter comes, the fireplace is always filled with the burning woods to warm the room. As you want to have such an amazing rustic home decor, you are supposed to think about the fireplace as well. In this regard, a fireplace can be built as perfect as possible with some decoration. The rustic theme is dated back to a couple of centuries in 1870-1930 when the vivid architectural comes to fame because of the use of stone and brick materials.

As you want to deal with the rustic fireplace that is believed to give the warmth and coziness for everyone who makes a visit, you should understand that the old-world throwbacks comprise of different types. Here are best recommendations to design the stylistic arrangement of the fireplace.

In Europe, the rustic fireplace design is referred to the old European model which leaves the bricks behind and takes the advantages of the stone elements with the firebox remains dull. The mantel itself should not be perfectly decorated which means indicating that it has been used for ages.

The modern rustic fireplace is now different from that of the old times. The simplicity of the rustic fireplace creates the sophisticated looks. The stonework becomes the major attention for this model and the mantel is no longer available.

For your rustic fireplace, you are not suggested to apply various colors and just take the advantages of the one color, as substitute. In some conditions, the bright shades can be the best option to highlight the rustic theme. But, make sure that you still choose only one color.

To add the rustic design for your fireplace, you can build the tall shelves and windows up to the ceiling so that it will create the balance of your home decor since the rustic fireplace is designed in large size. As you do this, you will feel the relaxing ambience and comfort during the talk.

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