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People always want to find a way to be creative, and one of the ways is to paint. Most of the time, people think that they need to use a canvas or paper to paint. However, you can actually use other means to paint such as rock.

This method is called as rock painting, which utilize various kind of rocks as the painting medium. You can then paint anything that you want to the surface of the rock in any method that you like.

You can draw or even put beautiful quotes to the rock to change the appearance from a plain rock into something more interesting. People love to do this because of the challenge that they get from the rock as a medium.

The surface of a rock is uneven which gives better texture on the painting that you put on the surface. However, the challenge also comes because rocks usually have small size, which means you need to fit whatever you want to draw into the available surface.

Do not worry, as with some creativity, it can be done easily as the medium itself already make any painting become unique and more beautiful. While you can use any rocks to be paint, you should also pay attention to other things before doing this.

First you should find a paint that can actually stick well to the surface of the rock since not every paint might work. If you want to use the rock for home decoration, then it is better for you to put some seal paint afterwards. This seal paint will protect the painting and quotes that you put on the rock so it will stay beautiful longer.

With those in mind, everyone from children to adult can really take part in creating this rock painting. By putting some quotes, you can make the painting become more meaningful to be used as home decoration.

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