50+ Stunning Tropical Home Design with Mini Pool

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If you love tropical design and want to create a home design using this theme, then there is one thing that you need to have which is a mini pool. This pool might not big as other pools but it still appears stunning especially when you use tropical design.

The natural style of tropical design with fun appearance, will make the pool appear even more beautiful. Especially when surrounded by beautiful lush garden all around the area to show the tropical vibes.

The best thing about tropical pool is their dramatic appearance which make people loved to hang out and be around it. And even with the stunning appearance, people still able to feel relaxed and enjoy the pool itself.

The serene aura that the pool surrounded with makes us think of tropical garden, beach or even tropical forest. With so many things that you can use to design the area, you need to remember which theme that you want to create when designing it.

While all of those themes have tropical vibes, but some of them have different atmosphere. Of course, they are all equally beautiful and relaxing so you do not need to be worried and choose which one that you love the most.

Create an heavenly atmosphere by adding some tall trees around the pool this will work as a shade to make the area feel cooler. It is also work well to give yourself more privacy when using the mini pool.

Choose any shape that you want, which can fit well with the landscape of your backyard. Since it is mini pool, you can use any curves, squares, or even round shape if you want to. Unique shape will actually add more beauty on the design that you create. If you need more inspiration, here are some mini pool with tropical theme that you can design for your home and make it more stunning.

image source: pinterest.com