55 Luxury Living Rooms with Stone Fireplaces

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Having a fireplace in your living room indeed a luxury thing especially when it is a stone fireplace. Not only it served its purpose, but it also able to add more aesthetic side to your living room.

Do not worry as the stone that can be used is actually both artificial or even natural stones. Do not forget that the placement is important, so you need to think about where you will put them in the living room.

Nevertheless, this type of fireplace will really be one artwork for your living room, thus you really need to think about its detail carefully. And do not neglect the construction of the fireplace since it will need to build carefully to avoid anything fatal to happen.

After you can be sure with the construction part, then you can think about the stone detail that you want to use. First think about the shade of the stone that you will use. Make sure that the shade really matched with the color scheme of the living room. Stone fireplace can be created using any type of stone, which means you have plenty color selection to have.

The best thing is, you can actually design some type of pattern with the stone that you use. Especially when the stone has specific shape which make it appear unique. Then you can even build specific pattern on the fireplace.

The beauty of the fireplace will really make your living room appear unique and more comfortable at the same time. Especially when you create unique architectural shape on the fireplace which make them more personal.

Having stone fireplace will really add more warmth to the space with the use of natural material of the stone. Surely, it will make the living room appear more luxurious when you pay attention to the detail of the stone. Here are some inspirations that you can follow.

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