60+ Remarkable Indoor Vines and Climbing Plants Decorations

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Having plants in your indoor space will really make it feel outdoorsy even though it is actually enclosed. But the calming feeling of outdoor area mixed with the comfort that indoor area has, really makes more people want to create this kind of space.

And you can easily do so by adding some vines or climbing plants as parts of your decoration. The plants will really add new and fresh feeling to your decoration which then make it as if the space is outdoor and not indoor.

Furthermore, this type of plant really has unique appearance as it comes with leggy tendrils that can reach onto the windows. It has leaves that tapered off into smaller sprout on the ends of the vines.

The amazing view that it will give to the space is something that you should not blink for. It will really create a heavenly space in your house ready to make you feel relax and comfortable to enjoy it for a long time.

Do not worry as vines or climbing plants are not that difficult to grow. All you need is to decide where you want to put them. If you have room with low light, or want to grow them in the corner which cannot be reached by sunlight.

Then it is better for you to use Pothos as this plant can live with any amount of lights available. Or, if you want to grow them near the window to create window arch then you can try to grow jasmine or ivy which very suitable to grow under bright sunlight.

It is better for you to add some feature which will be used by the vines to climb and trained along it. You can try to put pipes or just use tack to guide them to the wall. Then after some time they will naturally grow along the wall with the guide.

image source: pinterest.com