65+ Beatiful Small Farmhouse Laundry Room Design Ideas

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Having a cramped, dark, dungeon-like laundry room is no means to do laundry–to have any prospect of taking the smallest quantity of pleasure in this mundane job, you are going to want space, storage, light–and perhaps a few subway tile and a window door.

In case you’re looking for laundry room inspiration, look no farther than this stunning transformation which reveals us that we are able to transform the dingy, embarrassing room into the completely functional laundry room of our fantasies. Jenna managed to turn into a storage room into a stunning farmhouse-style laundry space that currently comes with a custom butcher block folding dining table, a farmhouse sink, and a rustic sliding barn door, one of other country decor elements.

Thus, have a peek at a laundry room decorating we’ve collated below.

image source: pinterest.com

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