80+ marvelous Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Design Ideas

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There’s something about apron-front sinks that hearkens back to a simpler era. These utilitarian fixtures reflect a hard-working history as everything from canning work spaces to washbasins for dogs and small children. No wonder they’ve long been an iconic element in traditional-style kitchens. They’re becoming increasingly popular in contemporary spaces, too, thanks to fresh twists on colors and materials and easier installation options.

One of the keys to apron-front sinks’ popularity is their unique combination of beauty and functionality. Available with a wide single-bowl or a double-bowl with a lower divider, apron-front sinks are large enough to accommodate oversized cookware and cookie sheets, and their distinctive form creates a stunning focal point in the kitchen.

Apron-front sinks are also ergonomically friendly. Often oriented farther forward than typical drop-in or under-mount sinks, they let you get closer and work with less stress and strain. The classic deep bowl of the apron-front sink also means less splashing and fewer puddles on surrounding surfaces.

image source: pinterest.com