9 Incredible Bright California Home With An Earthy Glamour

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Creating the interiors with the casually glamorous and intentionally lively is a special idea to be done. It is a special idea and I am sure that it will show you what you call an amazing living room. Through this decor concept, of course, you do not only have a lovely living room but also a comfortable room to welcome every visitor. That is why this idea of living room decor can be listed as your favorite.

To start this idea of the living room decoration, you may start from the window treatment. It is a simple part of the decoration concept but very important. The treatment of the window will deliver an interesting view of your living room. With a nice treatment, I am sure that your window could be more beautiful than before.

Then, what to do in decorating the window? Of course, adding the curtain is the simplest thing you may do. The curtain is very effective to change the look of the window. Since you approve the glamorous style of the living room decoration, you need to choose the same-styled curtain to redecorate the living room. You may play with the color and pattern of the curtain before applying it.

Still related to the curtain, it is good when you also think about the wall decor. The color of the wall will influence the whole look of the decor concept. Glamorous does not always deal with the combination of some colors. You can apply a simple style, such as applying white as the basic color that will show more brightness and elegant view.

Then, since there is earthy-style as the additional theme of the living room decor concept, you need to add the sense of nature inside the decoration. To do this idea, you may choose the wooden properties with a natural view, such as rattan chairs or others. Besides, you can also add some plants to beautify the look of the living room. However, keep the glamorous style and try to contrast the view.

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